1) Do you do regular weight bearing exercises? *

2) Do you know your vitamin D3 level? *

3) Do you supplement with calcium? *

4) Are you taking any of these drugs that cause osteoporosis? *

5) Have you had a DEXA bone density test? *

6) Have you either lost height or fractured a bone in the past few years? *

7) Do you take bisphosphonate drugs to treat osteoporosis or osteopenia? *

8) Have you measured your sex hormone levels in the past few years? *

9) Does either anxiety or depression keep you from getting restful sleep? *

10) Do you consume an acidic diet? *

11) Do you have cancer with spread to your bones? *

12) Do you consume essential fatty acids such as flax seed, fish, or krill oils? *

13) Are you interested in lifestyle, dietary, and supplement recommendations to help your symptoms? *