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Arthur Young's Theory of Process with Michael Buchele, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/22/2015
Is consciousness primary or secondary? How consciousness, matter and light interrelate is discussed. The theory of process is presented in a very novel way.              

Assessing Hospital Quality of Care

submitted by: admin on 09/18/2013
Avoidable readmissions to hospitalization is only one way of measuring quality of hospital care. While they often relate to physician judgment or lack of it, there are many other factors such as patient education about medicines and why they are necessary, administration of medications, social factors for supportive care, and financial matters.        

Mind With Matter with Phillip Scott, PhD

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
Mind over matter is the cliché? However, Chief Black Horse makes the distinction between "over" and "with" in a very interesting way. There is no adversarial relationship between the mind and body, so where does the "over" come from. There is an energy of body, mind, emotion, and spirit, yet they are  still one. Deification...

Selecting a Hospital Matters

submitted by: admin on 02/23/2019
Hospitals are rated and survival and outcomes depend on how good they are. There’s a 65% difference in outcomes depending on the hospital you select. Doing your homework is essential. We discuss the differences.

Who is Aurther Young with Michael Buchele, MD

submitted by: admin on 02/23/2019
How consciousness gets in to matter is explored. Which is primary, consciousness or matter? This is a mute question; we're conscious, what more do we need? The Theory of Process of Frank Barr is described.

Why Poorer Children Tend to be Less Intelligent

submitted by: admin on 11/12/2013
Research out of Washington University School of Medicine that was published in the journal Pediatrics in October of 2013 looked at the effect of poverty on the brain development of 145 kids using MRIs. They did a study measuring the stress level of a mother and her child and then correlated this with MRI changes that revealed less white and gray matter in...